Learn from the experts

Thank you to our keynote speakers!


Dan Heath

Dan will share actionable tips to guide your evolution from a security practitioner to an indispensable business leader.

New York Times bestselling author of “Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen” and Senior Fellow at Duke University's CASE center.


Rachel Briggs

Rachel will share insights from her conversations with CSOs to help elevate your program and take your team beyond reactive tactics.

CEO and Founder of The Clarity Factory who regularly advises multinational corporations on their security strategies and resourcing.

Thank you to our speakers!

Lukas Quanstrom

CEO and Founder

Manish Mehta, Chief Product Officer, Ontic-pichi
Manish Mehta

Chief Product Officer

Amy Sullivan, SVP, Client Experience, Ontic-pichi
Amy Sullivan

SVP, Client Experience

Arian Avila, Vice President, Safety _ Security, Capital One-pichi
Arian Avila

Vice President, Safety & Security
Capital One

Matthew Spangenberg, JP Morgan
Matthew Spangenberg

Executive Director, Head of Threat Management
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Chuck Randolph, Chief Security Officer, Ontic-pichi
Chuck Randolph

Chief Security Officer

Fred Burton, Executive Director, Protective Intelligence, Ontic-pichi
Fred Burton

Executive Director of Protective Intelligence

Cindy Marble, Senior Director, TAM Operations, Ontic
Cindy Marble

Senior Director, TAM Operations

Dr. Marisa Randazzo, Executive Director of Threat Management, Ontic
Dr. Marisa Randazzo, PhD

Executive Director of Threat Management

Keith White, Chief Safety and Security Officer, Salesforce
Keith White

SVP, Chief Global Safety & Security Officer

Dorian Van Horn, Director, TAM Strategic Services, Ontic
Dorian Van Horn

Director, TAM Strategic Services

Scott Shepherd, Chief Legal Officer, Ontic (1)
Scott Shepherd

Chief Legal Officer

Paradis, Mary 20231109.HighRes
Mary Eileen Paradis

Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety
Univ. of Mississippi Medical Center

Niall Herlehy, Sr. Manager, Global Intelligence and GSOC, Visa
Niall Herlehy

Sr. Manager, Global Intelligence & Global Security Operations Center

Scott Stewart, Vice President of Intelligence, TorchStone Global
Scott Stewart

Vice President of Intelligence
TorchStone Global

Dak Kees, Chief Counsel, Global Investigations, Tyson Foods
Dak Kees

Chief Counsel, Corporate Investigations
Tyson Foods

bths1 - 1
Brian Tuskan

VP & Chief Security Officer

Tara Conway, Director, TAM Operations, Ontic
Tara Conway

Director, TAM Operations

Patrick Kane, Senior Director, Security, Atlas Air
Patrick Kane

Senior Director, Security
Atlas Air

Tim Kirkham, Dell
Tim Kirkham

Global Head of Security Investigations & Insider Risk Management

Pablo Weisz, Head of Travel Risk Management, Amazon
Pablo Weisz

Senior Manager, Travel Risk Management

Phil Capizzi, Enterprise Technology Manager, SCN
Phil Capizzi

Enterprise Technology Manager
Secure Community Network

Diana Concannon, PsyD, Principal, CPW Consulting-pichi
Diana Concannon, PsyD

CPW Consulting

Cornelius Tate, Principal, Convergence Risk Strategic Advisors
Cornelius Tate

Convergence Risk Strategic Advisors

Lauren Hoy
Lauren Hoy

Protective Intelligence Manager

Alan Borntrager, Senior Director, Corporate Security, Dell
Alan Borntrager

Senior Director, Corporate Security

Lou Silvestris, Risk Intelligence _ Investigations Manager, American Family Insurance-pichi
Lou Silvestris

Risk Intelligence & Investigations Manager
American Family Insurance

Jim Mowry

Lead, Global Security & Crisis Preparedness Center of Excellence

Ryan Schilling
Ryan Schilling

Program Leader, Protective Operations & Intelligence

Wendy Bashnan
Wendy Bashnan

Director, Security and Fire Safety
Scout Motors

Jesse Leeds, Sr. Director, Global Head of Security & Crisis Management, Match Group
Jesse Leeds

Sr. Director, Global Head of Security & Crisis Management
Match Group

Glen Kessler, Director of US Security Operations, Wells Fargo
Glen Kessler

Director of U.S. Security Operations
Wells Fargo

Matthew Hunt, Co-founder and COO, Ground Truth Intelligence
Matthew Hunt

Co-Founder & COO
Ground Truth Intelligence

Nick Saroka, Director of Operations, Exlog Global
Nick Saroka

Director of Operations
Exlog Global

Jacob Valdez, Head of Operations and Fusion Center, Dell
Jacob Valdez

Director - Corporate Security Services

Dave Komendaut
Dave Komendat

Komendat Risk Management Services

Johnny Gutierrez, American Family Insurance
Johnny Gutierrez

Risk and Incident Management Director
American Family Insurance

Amanda Mason, Related Companies
Amanda Mason

Vice President, Intelligence
Related Companies

Scott Gardner, Stripe
Scott Gardner

Head of Corporate Security

Kevin Renwick Honeywell
Kevin Renwick

Team Manager, Insider Risk

Andreea Patra
Andreea Patra

SVP, Intelligence & Analysis Director
Bank of America